Privacy & Security

Cooper’s Collection understand that our customers are concerned about their personal information that is collected and how it is used. We believe that our customers’ personal information is their private property and are committed to protecting it. We respect our customer’s privacy and the importance of the information and confidence they entrust to us. Below is a detailed description on the information that we collect from our customers and how we use that information.

Collecting Information about Our Customers

When you purchase from Cooper’s Collection we only collect the personal information that we need to serve you, such as your name, address, phone number and email. We also maintain a record of our customer’s purchases.

Using Information about Our Customers

We use our customer’s contact information to communicate with them to address specific questions, provide updates on delivery and tracking information, etc. This is necessary in order to complete and service the order. We may also email customers with discounts, informing customers on new products and updates to our website. Customers can opt out of our promotional emails at any time by emailing us.

Our Satisfied Customers’ Feedback

We may post messages that customers send us expressing their satisfaction with our products. With these messages, we normally include the customer’s name, state, and the date of the message. No other personal information is shared.


Many web surfers are concerned about the use of “cookies” on the Internet. We don’t identify personal information with our cookies, such as who our visitors are. Our cookies cannot be read by other sites. Neither do we read other sites’ cookies. Therefore, we don’t know who customers are or what they do on other sites.

Secure Internet Purchasing

Customers can shop and purchase on our websites with assurance, knowing that we’ve taken the security and safety measures to keep customer’s personal contact information safe. All of our customer information is safely and securely stored. We maintain PCI Compliance at all times. When you click to submit the payment, the payment information is encrypted using 128-bit SSL technology. When the authorization process is complete, you’ll receive an approval or decline response.  When you order over the telephone with one our sales representatives, we do not store any credit card data in plain text format. All paper copies are shredded. We also accept payments by check or money orders for our customers that prefer this option.

Privacy Contact

We welcome customer’s feedback and questions on our privacy policies or website. Please contact us via mail, email, or call us.